Hoot Highlight – Issue 37

Indivar Samanta (9G) reports on a triumph for SGS Cybots

On arriving at the City of London Girls School, we unpacked our robot, borrowed an additional battery from the organiser, and our team (SGS Cybots) became ready for the tournament. After a brief introduction from the event organiser, we received the timetables. The aim was to score the most points while driving our robot with our partner. The more cubes (of three sizes) a pair of teams put into the goal in one minute, the more points would be scored. Therefore, before each match, I discussed with the partner teams and agreed upon a driving strategy based on the capabilities of individual robots. Every team competed in 12 games, and the top 12 teams played in the final round. The rank of each team was displayed based on the highest average of points per game. There were six matches in the finals to decide which two teams would qualify for the national championship. Teams were paired according to their ranks.

(Above) SGS’s competition-winning robot


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