By The CanSat Project Team, Year 10

In the realm of aerospace engineering and scientific exploration, few competitions hold as much promise and excitement as the CanSat project. Designed to ignite a passion for space exploration and technology among secondary school students, this competition invites participants to design, build, and launch a miniature satellite, or “CanSat,” equipped with sensors to collect data during its flight.

Our team of Year 10 students, formally named project Athena, embarked on this thrilling adventure with enthusiasm and determination, eager to push the boundaries of what is possible and to make our mark on the world of aerospace engineering. From the outset, we were faced with challenges and obstacles, each one presenting an opportunity for growth and learning.

One of the defining moments of our CanSat project occurred when out of a staggering pool of 258 competitors, we were selected to be one of only 10 teams invited to participate in the CanSat National Finals. It was a remarkable achievement that filled us with pride and gratitude, knowing that our hard work and dedication had been recognized on a national stage.


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