BBC School Report 


Careers Fair

On Wednesday 9th March, upper school students from Sutton Grammar School flocked into various rooms of the school, trying to speak to a number of professionals about their jobs and what could lie ahead once they leave school. Also representatives for leading universities had bases in the drama studio, trying to attract students offering free items, such as pens and stress balls, to lure them in. 

A huge range of companies had employees at the fair from travel organisers to MPs all trying to tempt students into their profession. Tom Brake who was at the fair for his party the Lib Dems said; “I want as many people as possible to consider being a Member of Parliament, I think it is a fantastic job.”

Ambassadors from many Universities, such as Imperial, willingly gave up time from their busy schedules to give students of Sutton Grammar an insight of what university has instore for them. They talked about what University life is like and what courses they specialize in. We talked to many of the students and they said that they have considered different career paths from what they have heard from the ambassadors.

We spoke to many of the professionals in the main hall and they said how all the boys were so enthusiastic about their job. Many of the professionals had children in Sutton Grammar and they said they wanted to give back to the school. Some said that they wish that they had a careers fair like Sutton Grammar’s when they were younger to help to guide them towards their career path.

The students from Sutton Grammar were intrigued by the many different jobs on offer and they all went home pondering on what life could be with their new found knowledge of the working world.


Anehan and Sean