Computer Science

Much has changed regarding the use of computers in  schools in recent years. The old Information and Communications Technology (ICT) curriculum has been disapplied by the Department for Education, and a redesigned subject – Computer Science, has taken its place.

Computer Science in the Classroom

Key Stage 3


A Level

Internet Access and E-Mail Facilities

Sutton Grammar School has a fast internet connection, provided by Sutton Local Education Authority and the London Grid for Learning.

The Local Authority also provides the school with a web-based E-Mail system, and each student is given an E-Mail Address.
Students from Sutton primary schools typically keep their existing E-Mail Addresses, while students from outside Sutton are given E-Mail Addresses by the school upon entry.

The E-Mail System can be used by students both at home and at school, and can be found at the following address:

Use of Information Technology

The use of Information Technology in the school is subject to an Acceptable Use Policy. All students are required to sign this document, a copy of which is also present in each student's Student Planner. Importantly, the document sets out rules for the use of the Internet at school, and for the use of the Local Authority's E-Mail system.
For More Information, please refer to: School Policies

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