The Big Voice Mooting Competition

One of the activities in which members of the school's Law Society participate is called "The Big Voice Mooting Competition". Throughout this term, every Thursday after school,  Ahmet Oztekin, attended the City University Law School. Working with a trainee barrister as a mentor, Ahmet developed his proficiency in "mooting", a type of legal debate used to demonstrate advocacy skills. Each week, he successfully competed in the early rounds of the competition, eventually gaining a place in the final. This took place on 2nd March, at the UK Supreme Court, in front of Lord Kerr, one of the justices on the Supreme Court.

In a closely argued moot, Ahmet was declared the winner, with Lord Kerr praising him for his assertive debating and his mastery of the case material.  This was excellent recognition for both the high degree of proficiency Ahmet has acquired as a debater, as well as the commitment he showed to this project