Appeals Procedures


Admissions Appeals in respect of entry into Year 7, September 2023

1st March 2023 is National Offer Day for Secondary School places.

If you applied for a place at Sutton Grammar School for your son but have not received an offer of a place here for him, you have the right to appeal against that decision.

The deadline for submitting an appeal is 4pm, Thursday 30th March 2023.

We cannot guarantee that any appeals submitted after that date will be heard at the same time as those submitted by the deadline.

The appeal form is available for download below.

Appeals will be heard in May/June - the exact date has yet to be decided. The Clerk to the Admission Appeals Panel will write to you giving you the date and time that your appeal  will be heard.  You will receive at least 10 school days’ notice of the allocated appeal hearing date.

 Appellants are asked to lodge all supporting evidence with their Appeal Form. However, any supplementary information that is not available by the deadline to lodge the Appeal Form must be submitted at least 10 days before the hearing date.  

If you think that you might wish to appeal, you may find it useful to read the guidance notes provided.