Sixth Form Admissions

At Sixth-Form level, all students must meet a minimum level of overall success at GCSE.  Entry is based on competitive grades, and priority is always given to boys already at the school. For new admissions to the school, places will be determined by the rank order of examination results and are subject to the availability of places on individual subject courses.

We will be offering a minimum of 25 places to external students, and regularly take over 40.  External places are open to both boys and girls on an equal basis.

We are pleased that since we opened up our sixth form to female students we have admitted equal numbers of new boys and new girls, and have over 40 female students in the Sixth Form.


Sixth Form September 2022 Entry Application Form

Please follow this link and make an account to apply for our sixth form in September 2022. Once you have completed your form we will sporadically send you emails to ask you to fill in other sections as and when they become relevent. If there are any problems please contact our admissions office directly on

Sixth Form September 2023 Entry Application Form

The application form for 2023 entry will be uploaded on the 17th November 2022. If there are any queries please contact our admissions office directly on

Sixth Form Open Evening 2023 entry will be held on Wednesday 16th November 2022.