Careers Fair at Sutton Grammar School - A Bystander's View


On the 15th March 2018, Students from Year 10 and upwards attended Sutton Grammar School’s biannual Careers fair to explore possible careers.

Some of the world’s top companies, such as Google, Atkins and BBC News, sent delegates to inspire the students to pursue a career in their area of expertise.
Many of the companies offered incentives such as free pens and sweets in the hope to entice high performing students to work for their company.
Amongst the piles of treats, representatives from each company explained to the students what their job entailed and, if they were interested, how they could build a career in that business or service.
There were a wide range of ambassadors who were eager to pass on their knowledge and ideas to aspiring pupils. Many of them, like David Biskup, Matt Prior and Conor Daly, were Old Boys themselves.
Among the delegates were envoys from many of the top universities in the country. They handed out so many prospectuses that by the end of the fair pupils were struggling to support the load.
Many of the delegates said they would have liked to have an opportunity like this when they were younger and they wanted to help students make the most of this opportunity.
Overall, many students were excited by the careers that were being displayed and have been inspired by the people who worked there. The fair is always well attended, although that may be due to the free bonuses that companies offer.

Matteo and Adil