KS4 Revision & Exam Leave

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Boys are encouraged to start revision for GCSE exams at an early date. 

Evidence has shown that starting revision early, following a structured programme and doing ‘a little bit often’ produces better results than trying to ‘cram’ near to the exam.

There are many reasons for this, such as training the brain, however by far the biggest factor is the confidence pupils take into exams knowing that they have completed a thorough and structured revision of the course.

In order to supplement pupils' revision, past papers will be given to the boys to practice and examination skills will be practised in lessons.

In addition, pupils will be offered after school revision lessons, once a week, structured to cover each topic.  Boys who have started their revision early can be selective about which topics to attend. Boys who have shown themselves to be in need of extra help are expected to attend all these lessons. The Logon Science website is also very useful for checking which topics they are happy with (or not...).

Boys will leave for examination study close to exam time.

This will be as close as possible to the start of the exams since pupils can often gain much needed assistance from their teacher.

This is a time when the boys can work at home away from the distractions of coursework (all completed!) and homework.

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