KS5 Year 12 Exams

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Revision, Exam Leave & Yr 12 Examinations

Revision for Year 12 Exams

The students will have the opportunity to attempt past papers on all of the Year 12 topics. They will receive feedback and have the opportunity to focus on any areas they feel less confident in.

Exam Leave

In Year 12, students are given 2 weeks examination leave whilst their Year 12 and some AS exams are taken. They are expected to return to lessons once this examination leave is over to continue their studies.


Paper 1 and Paper 2 examinations are 90 minutes long, each made up of 80 Marks and are taken in two separate sittings. Both papers will include questions that target the conceptual and theoretical understanding of experimental methods and will contain multiple-choice, short open, open-response, calculations and extended writing questions. 

Paper 1 is made up of questions from Topic 1, ‘Lifestyle & Health’ and Topic 2, ‘Genes & Health’.  These topics include:

  1. structure and function of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins;
  2. enzyme action
  3. structure and properties of cell membranes
  4. passive and active transport
  5. structure and role of DNA and RNA replication
  6. protein synthesis
  7. monohybrid inheritance
  8. gene mutations


Paper 2 is made up of questions from Topic 3, ‘The Voice of the Genome’ and Topic 4, ‘Biodiversity & Natural Resources’.  These topics include:

  • cell structure and ultrastructure of eukaryote and prokaryote cells
  • cell specialization
  • the role of meiosis
  • genotype and environmental influence
  • stem cell research and its implications
  • biodiversity, adaptations and natural selection
  • principles of taxonomy
  • plant cell structure
  • transport of water in plants
  • uses of plant products

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