Science Technology Engineering Maths 

Challenging pupils to take their learning beyond the standard curriculum, STEM lessons offer a unique opportunity for students to explore new concepts and develop new skills,

In addition to core GCSE STEM learning, Sutton Grammar gives pupils the chance to truly meet their potential in Science, Maths and Engineering. 

With specialist guidance in year 10 and more freedom to pursue their own interests in year 11, pupils can choose to focus their studies in:

Biology,             Electronics          or           Maths

At the end of a two year cycle all pupils aim to gain a Silver crest award.  In Electronics, pupils may even gain an additional GCSE.

During the Sixth from, pupils are encouraged to pursue a more involved project which often includes significant team work.  These projects often gain Gold crest awards.  Some examples include:

  • APEX- The school’s altitude Photography experiment.
  • Poseidon- An Oceanography based exploration.
  • Helios- measuring the Solar wind.

The standard of these projects makes Sutton Grammar a National leader in the field.  The school regularly achieve awards and recognition for the pupils’ outstanding work.

Lower School.

The work does not just begin in year 10 though.  Year 7, 8 and 9 have a wealth of opportunities to get involved and start developing new skills.

STEM Calendar.