A Level

Chemistry at A-Level

Chemistry A-Level

Chemistry is a dynamic and exciting subject that is academically rigorous. It will give you a great opportunity not only to gain a very respected qualification but also to develop a strong set of transferable skills.

By following an A-Level in the subject you will:

  • Carry out experiments and interpret their results
  • Learn to select, organize, present and interpret data
  • Develop their imaginative and critical thinking about chemical problems
  • Develop an appreciation of the social, economic, environmental and technological importance of Chemistry
  • Develop their ability to communicate scientifically in a variety of ways: discussion, writing, using chemical formulae and equations, graphs and calculations
  • Develop Key Skills, in particular communication, application of number, information technology, problem solving and working with others
  • Discover that Chemistry is a coherent body of knowledge in which there are unifying ideas linking together a wide range of facts. These include the Periodic Table, the concept of amount of substance, ideas of structure and bonding, equilibrium and rates of reaction.
  • Discover that learning Chemistry can be an interesting and enjoyable activity

Further Study and Careers

The study of A-Level Chemistry lays a good foundation for further studies relevant to careers in:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Medicine
  • Materials Technology
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Pure/Applied
  • Food Science
  • Geology
  • Metallurgy
  • Pharmacy
  • Law


Course: OCR A, H432
  • Module 1 development of practical skills
  • Module 2 foundations in chemistry
  • Module 3 periodic table and energy
  • Module 4 core organic chemistry
  • Module 5 physical chemistry and transition elements
  • Module 6 organic chemistry and analysis


Modules assessed


Exam 1:

Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry. 100 marks, 2hrs 15mins



Exam 2:

Synthesis and analytical techniques. 100 marks, 2hrs 15mins



Exam 3:

Unified chemistry. 70 marks, 1hr 30mins



Practical endorsement


Pass/ fail on certificate only


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