Chemistry at GCSE

Years 9, 10 and 11.


Specification: GCSE 9-1 OCR Gateway Science CHEMISTRY A

OCR GCSE Gateway Specification



The following topics are studied in each year group.


The GCSE will be assessed at the end of Year 11. Those obtaining grade 8 or higher, will be eligible to continue studying Chemistry at A level.

There is no longer a coursework element to GCSE Chemistry. The students are required to completed a minimum of 8 practical activity groups (PAGs) throughout the course.  These are not formally assessed but these are a requirement. The theory of practical work and How Science Works will be examined in the final written papers. Students will have many opportunities to gain and practise these skills throughout the three year course. 

Students are taught in the same groups of 27 in which they were placed in at the start of Year 8. There are 6 Chemistry lessons per fortnight.

At the end of each year there will be an end of year examination. This will include testing work done in previous years, i.e. the year 10 examination will include material taught in year 9.