Computer Science became available to study at GCSE level in 2013. The specification has proven to be quite popular with the boys at Sutton Grammar. Our results are some of the best in the country, and students who take this course can be assured that they will be in good standing to continue studying this subject at A Level.

Current year 9 students will be choosing GCSE options starting in March. ALL UK Computer Science specifications will be changing for this cohort. We have decided to move from the Eduqas specification to the new 2020 OCR Computer Science option. 

The current Year 10 and Year 11 students taking Computer Science as a GCSE option complete the Eduqas specification, which is comprised of:

  • Understanding Computer Science (62.5%) - 1 hour and 45 minute examination to assess understanding of the theory content of the specification.
  • Solving Problems Using Computers (37.5%) - 2 hour external assessment to assess the practical application of knowledge and understanding through a series of on-screen tasks.

Students will learn to program in C++ during this course.

Visit these web sites to brush up your binary/hexadecimal/denary conversions!