All areas of D&T involve designing and making things; at Sutton Grammar School we concentrate on 3D Product Design, Resistant Materials, Electronic Products and Systems, all supported by the use of ICT. Some projects will make use of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM).

Key stage 3 Design and Technology aims to promote safe working practices, creativity, knowledge and skills development. Pupils will also learn how to design and make products with the environment and sustainability as high priorities.

Current KS3 projects include:

Napkin Ring/Egg Cup/Coaster

This project introduces students to working with resistant materials, traditional woodworking tools/machinery and flat-packed technology. They are encouraged to produce original design ideas which must be based on a fun theme of their choice.

Acrylic Maze Game

Pupils will be making a maze game that features the Sutton Grammar School, owl logo, using acrylic sheet. The shape will be designed and manufactured using hand tools by the students and should be based on being a marketable product. Accuracy and a good finish is very important for good marks. Some parts will be made with the use of CAD/CAM.

Musical Money Box

Pupils will be making a musical money box from resistant materials and manufactured by hand using hand tools and traditional woodworking methods. This project is designed to give pupils a basic introduction to working with plywood and pine.

Pupils will learn about tools for cutting and shaping wood based materials, building on the skills learnt throughout the year. The electronic musical slot is provided for the student and no soldering is required.

Pewter Cast Jewellery Project

Pupils will be introduced to jewellery making and using the technique of pewter casting. Pupils will learn about what pewter is, its history and what it is used for. They will then experiment with pewter before designing and making their own pewter casted pendent.

This exciting project introduces students to casting using molten metal using a range of methods and techniques. Students will be using a wide range of metal working tools and equipment throughout the manufacturing process.

Memphis Clock

Students will be making a 3D clock using sheet acrylic. The shape will be designed by the students using 2D Design and manufactured using laser cutting technology. The final design should be influenced by products designed by the Memphis Group in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Pupils will also learn the method of joining and shaping thermoplastics and finishing techniques.

Mechanical Toy

Pupils will be making a mechanical toy that makes use of levers and cams. The product will be made from plywood. Pupils will learn a range of techniques for marking out, shaping and applying an appropriate surface finish to plywood.  The mechanical toy will be designed by the pupil and should be based on a theme that will be decided during the course.

This project is designed to give pupils a basic introduction to mechanisms. A high standard of finish and accuracy is very important for excellent marks.