English is the language in which Sutton Grammar School students study each of their subjects, and it is the one in which most of us live our lives. To some, it is surprising that students who work well in a broad range of activities are also successful in their language studies. Nothing could be less surprising.

Language is the bridge we use to access the ideas that define the world around us. It is through language that we become skilled at acquiring new ideas and skills. To put it another way: it is not bright students who excel at English, but bright language users who excel as students.

As any mathematician will tell you, any message is easy to understand once you know the code it uses - crack the code, and deciphering the message is routine. Learning to use language in all its verbal, textual and social aspects is indeed a great adventure. It is this adventure we facilitate as the English Faculty.

The English Faculty has embraced and implemented the best aspects of the National Curriculum, and continues to succeed, time and time again, in OFSTED inspections and public and internal examinations. The faculty has continues to go from strength to strength in providing the insights and skills the young men of this school expect and require in the working lives they aspire to lead.

English is a core subject in the National Curiculum, and is fundamental to the success of any student.