English at GCSE Level

English Language

Although they are a core part of English Language study, which we continue to embrace at Sutton Grammar School, "speaking" and "listening" abilities no longer count towards a student's final grade.  This means that "9-1" English Language GCSE is 50% reading and 50% Writing.  

As readers, boys must read fiction and non fiction and then answer comprehension questions in their final exams.   As writers, they must produce carefully crafted stories, speeches, letters or other types of texts. 

For more details, exemplar examination materials and mark schemes, please visite the website below!


English Literature

As always, English Literature involves the study of three things:  poetry, prose and drama.  Thankfully, that does not change! Studying the greatest ever writer, William Shakespeare, also continues to be a mainstay for GCSE Literature students.  In addition to this, Victorian Literature is a key component of the syllabus, as is 20th Century drama from the UK.  Boys must also study at least 15 poems from their GCSE Poetry Anthology (this will be given to each pupil).  More details and resources can be found in the link below: