English at Key Stage 3

Year 7

One of the most important things for a new student is to get to know the ropes... so the focus in Year 7 is on learning to work at the rate and in the way expected of Secondary School pupils. It is important that each student makes a smooth transition, so they will have been given some work to do over the summer before joining Sutton Grammar School. The units covered deal with Shakespeare study, Literary heritage, a modern novel, poetic terms and techniques, creative and transactional (or factual). As in all years, we end with a bridging unit that takes students into the next year. 

Year 8

Year 8 picks up with Victorian prose, typically "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde".  Following this, students will have to write about media - including websites - and apply their understanding to writing and designing their own examples. Poetry written before, and drama written after 1914 make up the literature component and the year ends with work on investigating and reporting. 

Year 9

Year 9 is the end of Key Stage 3. In this final year before GCSEs, pupils are encouraged to enjoy literature from different eras: a modern novel from the 20th Century (typically "To Kill A Mockingbird"), Shakespeare's frightening play, "Macbeth" and the poetry of The Great War. (To go with the war unit, there is an optional History trip to the cemeteries and battlegrounds of the Somme. Students are asked to 'become' one of the Old Boys who gave his life.)