Geography is an extremely important part of the school curriculum, and is a very cross-curricular subject. The emphasis in lessons is on topicality and relevance.

The Geography Department's aims are...

  • To develop understanding of the interactions between human and physical processes. 
  • To encourage a sense of community, responsibility and international understanding. 
  • To foster an understanding of interdependence, and the commonality and diversity of human experience throughout the world. 
  • To encourage concern for, and a sense of stewardship of, the environment, and an understanding of the concept of sustainability. 
  • To develop skills of graphicacy, enquiry, creativity, analysis, evaluation and problem-solving. 
  • To encourage students to develop the ability to work both independently and as part of a group. 
  • To help students to develop the ability to communicate their ideas and views effectively


Geography has excellent purpose-built accommodation.  Students studying Geography have their own devoted computer suite which also contains a library of books and other resources. Some of the students help in the running of this room, as well as in the regular updating of our notice boards.

We also publish our own student magazine Latitude 51° to develop their interest in, and appreciation of the relevance of, the subject.