Geography at Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, we have introduced the Passport to Geography: a series of journeys around the world linking important places to key topics. Students have a passport and collect stamps of places that they have learnt about. Resources are accessed via our moodle pages and students are directed to them by Boarding Passes for each Journey (topic) and QR codes.


The topics that are currently studied on these journeys are:

Year 7

  • Map Skills and What is Geography?
  • Into Africa
  • Weather
  • British or European? (If time allows)

Year 8

  • Coffee as a Commodity
  • Resources
  • Sport
  • Future Floods (If time allows)

Year 9

  • Plate Tectonics
  • Crime
  • AQA GCSE Unit: Population Change
  • The Rise and Rise of China (If time allows)

For more information about these journeys, visit moodle via the link on the school website.


All Lower School (Years 7 to 9) students study Geography in their form groups. Year 7 have three lessons per fortnight and years 8 and 9 have four. In addition, Students can expect one homework task each fortnight, on which they should spend about 30 minutes. These tasks are frequently based on resources accessed via moodle and students must become acquainted with this website. Occasionally, homework projects are based on each individual's own research, and could involve the use of the Internet, library resources, or resources found in the home. Key Assessments are set at the end of each topic and are marked against criteria that are given to the students in advance. General grade descriptors for these can be found on moodle.