Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives, Short Course

Cambridge Pre-U: Syllabus 1340

Board: CIE

Should governments curb the internet; can water be assured for all; should the UN intervene in national crises; should research into artificial intelligence be limited; are renewable energy sources a suitable alternative to fossil fuels – the questions for your generation to try to find solutions to are myriad, complex and vital.

Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives aims to prepare you for positive engagement with a rapidly changing world, broadening your outlook through the critical analysis of and reflection on, issues of global significance.

This syllabus is firmly based on skills rather than specific content. Through the study of global issues, you will explore different and sometimes opposing perspectives and will acquire and develop thinking and reasoning skills as well as research and communication skills. These skills will enable you to meet the demands of the twenty-first century and to make a successful transition to study in higher education.

Scheme of assessment

Global Perspectives is assessed through three compulsory components all of which are externally assessed.

  1. Written paper 1 hour 30 minutes 25%
  2. Essay 1750-2,000 words 30%
  3. Presentation max 15 minutes running time 45%

The course will equip you with a coherent theoretical and practical basis of transferable skills and key knowledge suitable for future lawyers, scientists, medics and academic researchers, whilst providing thought-provoking material that should appeal to those intending to progress to study in higher education and ultimately into a wide range of careers.

Since the course is also excellent training in skills needed for any A level programme, all Sixth Form students will take this one year course in Year 12.