Government & Politics A Level


Two units of study, tested in two exams at the end of the year.  Covering….

  • The Constitution (Britain’s Rules); Democracy; the nature of power;
  • The Monarchy – do we need it?; the electoral system (how we vote); the political parties and their ideas; the role of the Prime Minister (is he too powerful?);
  • Parliament; Cabinet Government; the Civil Service (Britain’s real rulers?); the role of pressure groups.



A further two units are pursued in the Upper Sixth.  One unit (3D) covers the structures of global politics – so how power is used in international relations, whether America remains the world’s only superpower, how world governance is tried through the UN and how regional organisations like the EU work.  The second unit (4C) covers the American system of government, focusing on the presidency, congress and the Supreme Court. 


Both parts of the course are designed to stimulate debate and discussion, and it is essential that students maintain a strong awareness of current events throughout the A-level.

We do not use coursework at any point in the course.