Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty!

Mathematics is a successful and very popular subject in the school, with most Year 7 students listing it as one of their favourites and some 100 students regularly pursuing it beyond GCSE each year.

We boast a well-qualified staff who share a passion for the subject whilst each having their specialist areas, and we are always (almost!) willing to discuss curriculum work and recreational mathematics with students outside of lessons.

Mathematics Faculty Staff 2019-2020

  • Miss T van Zyl BSc PGCE (Head of Faculty)
  • Miss L Hankin BSc PGCE  (Second in Faculty)
  • Miss J Richards BSc PGCE
  • Mr C Hoedoafia BSc MBA PGCE
  • Mr A Penfold BSc MA PGCE
  • Mr J Capocci BSc PGCE
  • Mr B A Cloves BSc PGCE MEd
  • Miss D Cain BSc PGCE
  • Miss K Kendall-Morris BSc PGCE
  • Mr A Donovan BA MSc PGCE
  • Mr N Bartlett BSc PGCE
  • Mrs S Belton (Coordinator of Mathematics KS3)

There are seven mathematics teaching rooms.

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