Modern Languages

He who is ignorant of foreign languages knows not his own


In today's world, knowledge of modern languages is an indispensable part of education and as such the learning of languages is central to the curriculum at Sutton Grammar School.  Students study at least two languages as this gives students a greater understanding of how languages work, which tenses are which and how to use and manipulate verbs and vocabulary through the constant reinforcement of learning the same techniques across two languages. For those students who only plan to study one modern language for GCSE it also helps them make an informed decision as to which language to pursue with the added benefit of gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures, people and lifestyles which will prepare students for whichever careers or interests they seek to pursue later in life.

Departmental Aims

The study of Modern Languages has at its core the opening up of young minds to new worlds through personal engagement with linguistic and cultural difference.

As an island with a global language Britain often assumes it will be understood, but knowledge of foreign languages can transform personal relations and experiences and enhance professional opportunities. Our students learn to be confident, accurate and articulate linguists, engaged with the cultures of the countries whose languages they study. 




There are seven members of staff at Sutton Grammar School, four of whom work part-time.
Three Foreign Language Assistants are employed each year.