All boys are required to take one of the three foreign languages at GCSE and may take two.

In all our work, equal emphasis is given to the four language skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and much of the focus of our teaching is on the practical application. We go well beyond the syllabus in content and all courses involve a cultural element.

After two years' study pupils are able to understand and communicate in everyday situations, which for example arise on exchange or study trips, and on family holidays. Oral lessons with a language assistant are provided weekly to enhance individual conversation. Beyond communication skills, pupils will learn much about their own language as they analyse a foreign language, and will learn how language affects and forms ideas; thus it provides a gateway to intercultural understanding.

[It is possible for boys to be entered for exams in languages not taught at the school as long as they can show that they are receiving tuition from an appropriate organisation or tutor.
A request for such an entry must be submitted to the Head of MFL before the end of the Autumn Term in the year of examination.]

Examining Board : AQA (French, German and Spanish)


AQA Spanish GCSE