GCSE Music is for students who enjoy playing, listening to and composing their own music, and would like to expand their knowledge of all genres of music.

GCSE Music continues and develops the skills that students have acquired through years 7, 8 and 9 with more opportunity for independent study. Students have to compose their own music and perform their own choice of piece on their chosen instrument.  They will continue to develop their listening skills, but will study a more diverse range of music in more detail than they have at Key Stage 3.

What to expect:

Throughout the course, students will study music from the past and present, from the western classical tradition, film music, pop music, Musical Theatre and Fusion Music from other world cultures.

The Edexcel GCSE consists of the three key components of performing, composing and appraising.

Performing is worth 30% and students have to perform at least two pieces, one of which must be part of an ensemble, and the minimum time for both pieces must be at least 4 minutes.

Composing is worth 30% and students need to compose at least two pieces, one must be in response to a brief set by the awarding organisation and one must be a piece of free composition, the minimum time for both pieces must be at least 3 minutes.

Appraising is worth 40% and content has been given in terms of musical elements, musical contexts and musical language. Students must study at least four Areas of Study, one based in Western Classical Music (WCM) composed between 1650 and 1910, and one that is not based in WCM.

Click  below for the specification:Edexcel GCSE Music Specification