P.E. at Key stage 4 and GCSE

Exam Board: Edexcel

Subject Code: Unit 1. The theory of Physical Education.(40%) Unit 2. Performance in Physical Education.(60%)

Students are tested in four Sports and Analysis of Performance.

All students taking full course GCSE will also work towards achieving the Sutton Grammar School Sports Leaders Award. This will involve boys going to primary schools to teach and developing skills to organise sports lessons and events.

Students not taking full course GCSE Physical Education will take the Sutton Grammar School Sport and Fitness Award. This course will cover a full range of Health Related Fitness topics and a single sport of choice.

GCSE Physical Education with Sports Leadership

The course is practically based and involves participating in a range of practical activities, as well as developing the knowledge to improve your own ability in these activities. For pupils who enjoy sport this will therefore be a very enjoyable course.  Choosing this option will also give you more access to practical PE lessons.

There is one exam at the end of the course, worth 60%, which will test your knowledge and understanding of the theory element. There will be two exams at the end of the course that ask questions on Fitness and Body Systems, and Health and Performance.  Aspects of Sports Psychology, Socio Cultural issues, basic Biomechanics and Data Analysis are covered in the course. The practical mark is worth 40% of the total mark and you will need to offer three sporting activities for assessment from quite a large range of sports with at least one individual and one team sport. 10% of this mark involves a short piece of course work to create a Personal Exercise Plan to improve performance in one of your chosen sports.

GCSE Physical Education