Year 8 Space

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Year 8 Space Learning Objectives

Pupils should know:

1.         that gravity is a force which pulls all masses 

2.         that gravity is biggest for large masses and close masses 

3.         that gravity is the force that pulls all the planets in orbit around the Sun 

4.         that elliptical orbits are due to interplanetary attractions 

5.         that the Sun is a star and that all stars are seen because they give out light 

6.         that moons are bodies which orbit planets as well as go around the Sun 

7.         that planets and moons are seen because light from a star is reflected off of the surface of the body 

8.         that solar and lunar eclipses can occur and how 

9.         that satellites are placed in orbits to study the stars because the visibility is better because the pollution in the atmosphere makes visibility on Earth poor 

10.       that satellites are also placed in orbit for military uses, communication and to study the Earth 

11.       that in a geo-stationary orbit the satellite stays above the same place on the Earth at all times 

12.       that remote satellites are sent off in to space for exploration 

13.       the reasons why it is very unlikely for mankind to ever go and explore the universe  ourselves

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