Year 7 Energy

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Year 7 Energy Learning Objectives

Pupils should know:

1. that a fuel is stored energy, which must be burnt to release the energy

2. Fuel + Oxygen = Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water + Waste Product

3. that there are different types of fuel 

4. where you would use each type of fuel and why         

5. that energy is the capacity or ability to do work 

6. that there are many forms of energy:

Light (radiated),
Gravitational Potential - due to a change of height,            
Strain potential - due to a change of shape,   
Kinetic - due to motion, 
Chemical - involves a change of substance

7. that all energy comes from a source and that there are a range of sources of energy on Earth 

8. that we use energy mainly in the form of electricity because it is;   

Easy to transport,            
Easy to use,      
Easy to change,  
Easy to produce,

9.  the energy chain for a power station         

10. that most of the Earth's energy ultimately comes from the Sun 

11. that energy sources can be described as either renewable or Non-renewable         

12. that Renewable means can be used again or replaced within a Iifetime

13. the pro's and con's of each energy source        

14. the need for energy saving with non-renewable energy sources and ultimately with all energy sources 

15. about trends in energy use: a) now and the future b) Developed and developing countries


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