KS5 Measurements

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Measurements - Objectives



  • Use of SI Units and their prefixes
  • Errors and uncertainty

Learning Outcomes

Candidates should be able to:

  • know fundamental (base) units
  • use mass, length, time, quantity of matter, temperature and eletric current and their associated SI units (no knowledge of the candela is required)
  • know and use SI prefixes: T, G, M, k, c, m, μ, n, p and f
  • understand and use standard form
  • understand that the number of significant figures in the value of a quantity is linked to the uncertainty in that value and hence use an appropriate number of significant figures in their calculations
  • understand the nature of random and systematic errors
  • understand and use the terms precision, repeatability, reproducibility, resolution and accuracy
  • understand that absolute, fractional and percentage errors represent uncertainty in the final answer for a quantity
  • how to combine absolute and percentage uncertainties
  • represent uncertainty in a data point on a graph using error bars
  • determine the uncertainties in the gradient and intercept of a straight-line graph
  • understand that individual points on a graph may or may not have associated error bars

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