Physics Links

Physics Links

Try exploring the following links. Some are useful for particular topics, others for general physics and some are useful for revision. The general of the internet is that the more you click on, the more you find so get clicking!

General Physics

How Stuff Works....  one of the greatest websites of all time!
Bad Science - when science goes wrong...
Bad Astronomy - where fact meets fiction 
Physics Timelines - what happened when

KS3 Links

All about forces 
Weight on Other Planets - Mass/Weight, what's the difference? 
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

KS4 Links

The Physics of Fun Fairs 
Terminal Velocity 
Sir Isaac Newton - The great man himself 

Sumana Inchas some useful animations of a variety of processes. 

KS5 Links

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gyroscopes
Monkey and Hunter
Mechanics - Kinematics explained 
Antonine Education - awesome revision site modelled on AQA A Level syllabus.


General Science Questions

These sites allow you to either pose your own questions or browse through archives of previously asked ones:

Argonne Laboratory

Dr Universe


FT Exploring

Notes & Queries

The Why Files