A Level


A Level Pyschology AQA Specification


Sutton Grammar School students can study Psychology at A-Level. The subject has proved very popular throughout the time it has been available to Sixth Form students.

Psychology is the science of the mind and of human behaviour. 
It is a science, and is looked upon favourably by universities as a worthwhile A-Level subject. By its nature, psychology helpfully prepares students for life beyond education.


In the first year of study you will be taught:

  1. Research Methods
  2. Attachment
  3. Memory
  4. Approaches
  5. Social Influence
  6. Psychopathology

These are taught by looking at historical and contemporary studies

During this year you will also be taught how to conduct studies and will conduct a number of psychological investigations, these will include; experiments, observations, self-assessments and correlation studies.  After performing the studies the emphasis turns to report writing where pupils will be taught how to write a psychological report correctly. There is also a mathematical element to the study of psychology as pupils will be required to perform statistical tests on data collected from studies.  

In year 2 of the course the focus is narrowed to look at specific areas of Psychology, these are:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Issues and Debates
  • Cognition and Development
  • Aggression

In addition to this you will continue to perform your own studies and presentations.

How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed by written examination.   There are three, two hour papers at the end of Year 13 which will assess all of the topics.