Religious Studies

Religion is part of the human make-up. It's also part of our cultural and intellectual history. Religion was our first attempt at literature, the texts, our first attempt at cosmology, making sense of where we are in the universe, our first attempt at health care, believing in faith healing, our first attempt at philosophy.

Christopher Hitchens

What is religion? How should I live? What is truth? Is morality innate?

These are just a few of the age-old philosophical and theological problems that some of humankind’s greatest minds have struggled with and suggested answers to. Students will be given the opportunity to grapple with and examine these ultimate questions through class debates, enabling boys to reflect on their own beliefs and empathise with the beliefs of others. An important part of Religious Education is thinking for oneself and being able to effectively articulate and communicate a line of argument which takes place on a regular basis in the classroom.