Second Hand Uniform

STOCK NEEDED: Do you have SGS school uniform that your son has outgrown and is in good condition? Please donate it to the PTA! We will resell all school uniform (including games and PE kit) for about half price and proceeds go back to the school.

We will take any school uniform and keep it in stock. The uniform does not have to be from Cladish. We will resell anything of good quality (including monogrammed items). However, currently we have low stock/high demand for:

  • Maroon blazers (preferably with the new school logo)
  • P.E. shirts in house colours
  • Football shorts/socks
  • House Tie

Where to deliver donations:

Please send them in a carrier bag to the school office with a note attached - 'Uniform for PTA'.

When to donate:

We will accept donations at any time. Please make sure items are in a clean and good condition. Ask your son to take them to the school office.

When we sell:

We aim to have the uniform out at the following events:

  • Christmas Fair (no Fair in 2022)
  • Sports Day (Northey)
  • New Year7 BBQ (Northey)
  • School hall between 3pm-4pm on Friday 21st October 2022 and Thursday 15th December 2022

and any other event where parent can bring their boys to try on the uniform.

Second hand uniform is not just for lower school or the New Year 7's. We have a stock of black blazers, black and grey jumpers and trousers of all sizes. It's improtant that your son tries on the uniform or you know the relative size as used items have been 'prestretched/shrunk' by previous owners. The label may or may not be the true size.