Law Society

The Law Society is open to all members of the school, in Years 11 and above, who wish to develop their interest in the law, whether or not they intend to study the subject at university.

The group meets after school, on a weekly basis, with members of the Law Society at Greenshaw High School. Throughout the year, members of the society organise various debates and presentations. We also attend public law lectures, at various colleges of London University. Members of the society enter both the Bacon Law essay competition (organised by Corpus Christi college, Cambridge) and the Robert Walker essay competition (organised by Trinity college, Cambridge), as well as the Times Law essay competition.

Students are assisted in their applications to study law at university both with a stock of resources in the school library and also with preparation for the Law National Assessment Test ((LNAT).

However, the main event of the society’s year is the Bar National Mock Trial competition, which takes place in November. This is an opportunity to role play both the prosecution and the defence in a fictitious case but in a real court. Students are prepared for this experience by a qualified barrister and we also visit Kingston Crown Court to see how a real case is conducted.