Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented

Provision for Gifted and Talented Students

As a selective school all pupils accepted for Sutton Grammar School are, to some extent, gifted.  In considering G&T our aim is to enable every pupil to enjoy his learning and maximise his potential by creating a sufficiently demanding curriculum and environment that challenges and stimulates all, including the most gifted and talented.

Departments design a subject curriculum that:

  • reflects its strategies for the Gifted or Talented in its Scheme of Work, including opportunities for extension and enrichment
  • considers subject specific opportunities to stretch, challenge and motivate pupils both within and beyond the usual curriculum
  • considers contributions to cross-curricular activities that offer extra stretch and challenge
  • prepares an annual audit of Gifted and Talented provision
  • rewards and celebrates achievement in their subjects


The provision of G&T for the whole school includes:

  • provision of a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • Challenge Days and other occasional off timetable events
  • recognition of outstanding achievement via the reporting system
  • funding for some extra-curricular Gifted and Talented opportunities
  • reward and celebration of achievement, for example at Junior and Senior Prize Evening, Sports Days, concerts, Jack Petchey Awards
  • informing parents/carers of their son’s inclusion in the Gifted and Talented Register, of the provision the school makes in general; advising parents/carers and pupils of special Gifted and Talented activities as they arise; offering some advice on parental support