Year 12 Mentors

The true tragedy in most people’s lives is that they are far better than they imagine themselves to be and, as a result, end up being much less than they might be.


Earl R. Smith II
Zen Mentoring: Forty Meditations

The Year 12 Mentor program allows sixth form students to give back to the school by offering support to a pupil, most likely in lower school, who could benefit from guidance.

Some students will need help academically. Helping a pupil to cement their understanding of a challenging subject might be what is required for a situation.  Other pupils will have general organisational issues, and mentors can help by showing them how to create good work habits such as writing in a planner or completing assignments when they are given rather than waiting until the last minute.  Still other pupils will have social difficulties where they find it hard to make friends or to know what to do with themselves during the unstructured parts of the school day. 

It is not the job of a mentor to make these pupils popular, but rather to help them find where they might fit best in the school community.  

Not every pupil wants to spend lunch time playing football, but the school offers a wide choice of clubs and places to go so there should be some place where everyone can feel they belong.

Being a mentor requires a weekly commitment to a pupil, but no other special skills are needed. If you are in year 12 and would like to give something back, please complete the mentor application form below.

Mentors are assigned all year long so there is no deadline for applying to become a mentor. However, the bulk of assignments are made around October, so applying by then will offer students a better chance of being selected for the first round.

Students who cannot make the weekly time commitment should not apply.  Girls are very welcome to apply to become mentors.


    Year 12 Mentor Application

    Apply to become a Year 12 Mentor to help a younger boy be successful.