Learning Support

Removing barriers to learning...

Pupils with SEN/D will have access to learning support that is additional to and different from that which is available as part of our academic and pastoral care.  This may include the allocation of support staff and access to guided group work.  Some pupils may be supported in practical activities within lessons such as Design Technology and Science and additional adults may be used to help groups or individuals in group tasks and with private study.  When such support is employed, it is to facilitate inclusion and promote independence and will be implemented after discussion with the pupil and his parents.

The school also facilitates use of assistive technology such as High-Vis equipment and modified materials for students with visual impairments, radio link amplification devices for students with hearing impairments and adjustments and modifications to activities and practical work for students with physical disabilities.

Additionally, some students may be allowed to use electronic equipment such as a laptop to enable participation in all lessons.  To enquire about this or any of the learning support measures that we employ, please contact our SENDCO.