Life After Sixth Form - University & Careers

For many Sixth Formers, their goal after A-levels is university and to that end, we invest a lot of time in the university application process.

Students are encouraged to think about how to build up a profile for their reference and their Personal Statement from the start of their Lower Sixth year.

Life After Sixth Form -2In the summer term, they will be taken through the details of the university application process, producing drafts of Personal Statements and talking through academic progress with tutors and the Head of Sixth Form. Then, in the autumn term, students apply through UCAS to the universities of their choice.

School support and advice will continue through the interview process, and right up to the receipt of exam results in the summer after A-levels, to make sure that students have the best opportunity to find the university course that suits them.

A number of very able students each year consider application to Oxford or Cambridge and departments here have built up strong expertise in their subject areas to support students in these applications. 

The Head of Careers students up to date with careers opportunities through regular newsletters – emailed to every student – and advertising options in registration periods or at assemblies.