Sixth Form Enrichment

Sixth Formers are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities. These include sports - Sixth Formers field up to six football teams for matches against other schools on Wednesdays and Saturdays - the CCF, music and drama.  

Sixth Form Enrichment -1Sixth Formers comprise the editorial team of the school magazine, the Suttonian, our annual publication. 

Sixth formers are asked to become mentors.  Mentoring is an invaluable way of sharing knowledge with younger pupils who are struggling in a given topic, whilst members of the Lower Sixth are also given the chance to volunteer to assist form tutors as form prefects. 

Sixth Form Enrichment -2Sixth Formers are also involved in PE assistance with younger students and often establish new extra-curricular groups.

In the Combined Cadet Force, the sixth form cadets take on much of the teaching aspect of the regular CCF parades; they lead the different sections on camps; and ultimately the overall cadet leaders will be U6th SNCOs.

There is always room for Sixth Formers to develop new activities and opportunities as well – the successful House Dodgeball competition came about through sixth form innovation.