The sixth form marks a new stage in a student’s educational career, one in which greater emphasis is placed on personal resilience and independent organisation.  The academic curriculum in the sixth form is narrower but deeper, as students pursue their subject interests.  The taught lessons are fewer, so the need to organise his own work and extend his own knowledge becomes greater. 

The sixth form also offers fresh opportunities and challenges outside the curriculum.  Sixth formers can offer leadership in a range of clubs and societies; they can continue their involvement in such activities as the CCF or the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, but to a higher level than before.  They can play an integral role in the overall life of the school with their appointment as prefects.  The Head Boy/Girl, Deputies, Senior Prefects, leaders of the CCF, school magazine editors, House leaders, music prefects – all of these are sixth form roles.

Finally, the sixth form offers the chance to mature as an individual, to find your way in life as the hoary old saying has it.  There should be time to reflect and relax.  There should be the chance to have a more even relationship with teachers as well. 

I hope the sixth form at Sutton Grammar offers all of these things in an appropriate balance.  The school benefits hugely from its sixth formers, and I believe sixth formers too can take much away from these two crucial final years in school. 

We are really pleased with the Sixth Form block.  Sixth formers have the use of a large common room, private study facilities (with computer access) dedicated to their use, an extended canteen which sells hot drinks and snacks to sixth formers throughout the day and offers a place to sit and shoot the breeze, and a sixth form meeting room .  The sixth form is known for its esprit de corps and good humour that has always marked Sutton Grammar School sixth form life.  I hope you enjoy your time here.


Head of Sixth Form - Mr Marris
Head of Year 12 - Mr O Green
Head of Year 13 - Mrs. L. McDonald
Sixth Form Officer -