Sixth Form Transition

Year 11 students who are hoping to join Sutton Grammar in the sixth form in September should use the work below as a means to academically prepare for the rigours of the A-level courses.  Each of our A-level subjects has identified various resources to be used and checked out - books, websites or other - and some introductory tasks for students.  All of the material relates to the taught courses beginning in September.  Some of the work is for individual attainment, some of it is relevant to discussions or introductory lessons.  The different departments have a variety of approaches, reflecting their academic expertise.  
If you have any questions about the work, you may email the Head of Year 12, Mr O Green, in the first instance.
Subject Y11-Y12 Transition Resources
Art (inc Photography) Art - Y11 -12 Transition Pack
Biology Biology - Y11 Transition to A Level Biology
Business Business - Induction Pack - Y11 Transition to A Level
Chemistry Chemistry - Preparation for A Level Chemistry - Year 11 summer work
Computer Science Computer Science - New Yr 12 Preparation AQA GCE Computer Science 7517
Drama Drama & Theatre Studies A Level preparation work
D & T Design-Technology - Design Classics -Y12-Transition
French - Transition from GCSE to A Level French
Economics Economics Transition Materials
English Lit
Government & Politics
Maths & 
Further Maths
Physical Education
Spanish Spanish - Transition pack to A-level Spanish