UK Allegations against Russia are “absolutely boorish” states Russian Foreign Minister



Russia to expel UK diplomats in retaliation to UK’s ‘irresponsible’ response to the attempted murder of Yulia and Sergei Skripal, last week.

The PM announced this week that she would expel 23 Russian diplomats, in response to the attempted murder of the former spy, and his daughter.
Russia deny allegations of involvement with the attack, and Sergei Lavrov- Russian foreign minister- told Russian media the expulsions of British diplomats from Moscow would “definitely” happen.

The Russian foreign ministry have called allegations by the PM “insane” and “absolutely boorish”.

Journalists have raised the issue of The World Cup, taking place this year within Russia- asking politicians whether they thought it to be appropriate to send British players there after recent events.

Boris Johnson replied to these remarks by stating, “We don’t want to punish English fans and players.”  

The White House has backed up the PM’s decision to expel 23 diplomats, with Trump saying that the US will condemn Russia if it turns out they were behind the Skripal poisoning.

Also, the White House said that it would “stand in solidarity” with “its closest ally”. The spokesperson said that Russia was undermining the security of countries worldwide.
The French Embassy tweeted on the 14th, “ France’s solidarity with the UK is unquestionable.” This was a change in mind from an earlier statement, saying it was too early to make retaliatory actions.