Year 7 Admissions

Sutton Grammar School complies with the co-ordinated admissions arrangements administered by the London Borough of Sutton.  135 boys are admitted into Year 7 having gained a place through the entrance tests and placed Sutton Grammar School on their Common Application Form.  Please note that, due to over-subscription, meeting the required standard at our entrance tests does not guarantee the offer of a place at the school. 

Please refer to the admissions policy and admissions procedures for our entrance criteria and other relevant information.


SET for September 2025 entry is Tuesday 17th September 2024.  

Mid-Term Admissions

If you would like to be notified if we do get a vacancy in your son's year group, then you will need to complete a mid-term admission application which you can do by contacting the school admissions department at the London Borough of Sutton. A link to the LBS website can be found on the Other Admissions page.

In the event that a vacancy arises children on the waiting list for the relevant year group are invited in for testing.  The child who performs the best, and who must also be of selective ability, is offered the place.

Sixth Form Admissions

We welcome applications from external candidates to our Sixth Form.  Please see our Sixth Form Admissions page and admissions policy for the criteria relating to sixth form entry. 

If you have any admissions queries that are not covered on these pages then please contact the Admissions Officer who will be happy to help you.

Registrar Mrs Sabah Mian
Telelephone 020 8642 3821