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Selective Eligibility Test & Examination

Registration for the Selective Eligibility Test 2025 entry will be open on 1st May 2024. Please use the button below.

The registration deadline is the 2nd August 2024.

The Selective Eligibility Test for September 2025 entry is Tuesday 17th September 2024.

Please find below our key dates document which will help you to organise your application for the SET.

Key Dates for Year 5 Parents 2025 Entry

Sept 2025 Entry registration
Please read the SET FAQs for all information regarding the Selective Eligibility Test.
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Please read this very carefully before you begin the application for the selective eligibility test.

Year 7 Transition Support

Students joining our school in Year 7 who have SEND will have careful transition arrangements.

Year 7 Admissions

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