Sutton Grammar School

School Policies

Our school policies outline our commitments to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment for all our students, staff, and visitors and are designed to ensure that everyone who enters our school feels valued, respected, and able to achieve their full potential.

We understand that effective policies and a strong ethos are essential for creating a positive school culture. That is why we are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our policies to ensure they align with the latest best practices and guidelines. We also actively seek feedback from our students, parents, staff, and community to help us continually improve our school’s policies and ethos.

We invite you to explore our Policies and Ethos Statement page to learn more about our approach to creating a positive learning environment and the policies that support it.


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Data Privacy Notices

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Summer School Reports

Summer School Report 2021

Sutton Grammar School

Ethos Statement

Discover our core values, attitudes, and culture of Sutton Grammar School.

School Uniform

Explore the options our students have when purchasing school uniform.

Ofsted Reports

Our latest Ofsted reports are available here and via the Department for Education website.