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Sixth Form Admissions

At Sixth-Form level, all students must meet a minimum level of overall success at GCSE. Entry is based on competitive grades, and priority is always given to boys already at the school. For new admissions to the school, places will be determined by the rank order of examination results and are subject to the availability of places on individual subject courses.

We will be offering a minimum of 25 places to external students, and regularly take over 40. External places are open to both boys and girls on an equal basis.
We are pleased that since we opened up our sixth form to female students we have admitted equal numbers of new boys and new girls, and have over 40 female students in the Sixth Form.


Sixth Form September 2024 Entry

Sixth Form September 2024 Entry Application Form

The application form for Sutton Grammar Sixth Form is now open. You will find the form at the link above.

You are able to log into your form at any time to edit or update it. We will not be asking for references or predicted grades at this stage and you will be emailed directly if we need anything further from you before results day.

There is no deadline for the form, but if you would like to be considered for a place at our school then you must submit this form and the enrolment form (only available from GCSE results day).

We will begin to make offers on GCSE results day and not before.


Year 11 students who are hoping to join Sutton Grammar in the sixth form in September should use the work below as a means to academically prepare for the rigours of the A-level courses. Each of our A-level subjects has identified various resources to be used and checked out – books, websites or others – and some introductory tasks for students. All of the material relates to the taught courses beginning in September. Some of the work is for individual attainment, and some of it is relevant to discussions or introductory lessons. The different departments have a variety of approaches, reflecting their academic expertise.

If you have any questions about the work, you may email the Head of Year 12, Mr O Green, in the first instance at

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Sixth Form Bursaries

Bursaries are available for students who may benefit from financial assistance.


Please visit our departments page, filtering by KS5 to view our A Level subjects.

Sixth Form Application Form

Interested in applying for a place? Click here to find out more.