Year 8 Energy

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Year 8 Energy Conservation Learning Objectives

Pupils should:

1.     know that whenever energy is transferred work is done 

2.     know that we cannot see energy but can observe the effect of transferring energy 

3.     know that a transducer is a device that transfers energy 

4.     know that a machine is a transducer that makes the transfer of energy (work) easier for us 

5.     be able to recognise simple input output energy transfers 

6.     be able to recognise more complex energy chains that involve intermediate forms of energy 

7.     know that when work is done we change energy, not use it up 

8.     know that the total amount of energy stays the same; we cannot make or destroy energy 

9.     be able to recognise useful and non-useful energy transfers in devices 

10.   know that Efficiency = useful energy output / total energy input 

11.   be able to recognise that efficiency is always less than 1 (or 100%) 

12.   be able to suggest ways to reduce the amount of non-useful energy produced in an energy   transfer 

13.   be able to recognise that energy is normally wasted as heat 

14.   be able to suggest ways to save energy nationally and for the whole world 

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