When pupils enter Sutton Grammar School they are all allocated to one of the five houses: Manor (Blue), Warwick (Brown), Greyhound (Green), Lenham (Red), and Throwley (Orange) House.

Did you know….

The House System was introduced in 1916 with the four Houses named North, South, East and West. Membership of a particular House was based on the compass direction of a boy's house from the School.

In 1920 the allocation to Houses on the original geographical criterion was changed because it was failing to provide an equitable distribution.  But what to call them instead?  As the magazine reported: ‘various suggestions as to the names by which the four Houses are to be distinguished have been made, but, until this point has been finally settled, they will be known by the colours which have been adopted’.  And, of course, as the settlement of the point was delayed, so Blue, Brown, Green and Red came increasingly to be accepted and hardened into a tradition of loyalty that could then not conceivably be altered.

From September 2017, due to the expansion of the school to a five form entry, we have decided, after 97 years, to name/rename the old four Houses and also create a new house.  

The new Houses are: Manor, Warwick, Greyhound, Lenham and Throwley.

There is a connection with the school history. The school was founded in 1899 in Throwley Road and then moved to the current site in 1928, surrounded on the North, East, South and West by Manor Lane, Warwick Road, Greyhound Road, and Lenham Road – so the names chosen have direction and location links with the history of the school. The new house colour will be orange – which gives five colours, that all show up clearly against each other and on the school tie.

House Shield

The House Shield is based on a house points system and points are awarded for various academic, sporting, artistic and school community achievements.  As part of the House Shield competition, many house events are held each year. Each year, additional competitions are added but here are just some of them:

  • House Football
  • House Dodgeball
  • House Trade Fair
  • House Spelling Bee
  • House Photography
  • House Gymnastics
  • House Music
  • House Poetry
  • House Chess
  • House Cross Country
  • House Badminton
  • House Rugby
  • House Humanities
  • House Physics Olympiad
  • House Table Tennis
  • House Cricket
  • House Art
  • Junior House Drama
  • House Public Speaking/ Debating
  • House Athletics
  • House Swimming
  • House Charity
  • House Raffle Ticket Sales
  • House Points/House Effort

House Captains

Each year, the House Masters appoint House Captains from the Sixth Form, who lead pupils in pastoral activities throughout the year. Many address pupils during assemblies, help to organise sports teams, lead the warm-up lap in opening the annual House Athletics Championship and, at the end of their tenure, help to select their successor. They are assisted by a Secretary and occasionally a Vice-Captain.

House Events Calendar 2017-18

Department Event Date


House Football

Sept 2017

PE/Student Voice

House Dodgeball

Oct 2017


House Trade Fair

Nov 2017


House Photography

Nov 2017


House Gymnastics

Dec 2017


House Music

June 2018


House Poetry

Jan 2018


House Chess

Feb 2018


House Cross Country

Feb 2018


House Badminton

Feb 2018


House Rugby

March 2018

Humanities Mastermind

House Humanities

March 2018


House Physics Olympiad

March – July 2018


House Table Tennis

April 2018


House Cricket

June 2018

Music House Music June 2018


House Art

July 2018


Junior House Drama

July 2018


House Public Speaking/ Debating

July 2018

All staff

House Athletics

July 2018


House Swimming

July 2018


House Charity

July 2018


House Raffle Ticket Sales

July 2018

Year Heads

House Points/House Effort

July 2018